Laser Dentistry

Bleeding gums and gum recession are common signs of gingivitis and gum disease caused by the presence of bacteria and inflammation inside the gums. Sun Dental Design offers laser therapy to improve gum health and help reduce periodontal disease. Dental lasers can also be used for a number of other teeth-related issues.  Many procedures require only topical anesthetic.

For gum health, research suggests that the use of lasers improves the effectiveness of scaling and root planning (deep cleaning). SRP is a non-surgical therapy used to treat periodontal diseases. When lasers are used in conjunction with periodontal therapy there can be less bleeding, swelling, and discomfort to the patient during the procedure. The use of dental laser provides decontamination of the infected site(s) and aid in your own body to heal itself.  

For dental/teeth health, lasers can be used in our office to remove excess tissue (for example: around back molars that are difficult to clean). The laser is also able to treat as well as decrease the amount of healing time for those embarrassing and annoying cold sores and canker sores.   We can also implement a dental laser to help achieve perfect impressions for crown procedures and to expose covered implants. There are many applications and the procedures listed are just a few of the most common.  We are happy to be able to provide patients with greater comfort, less bleeding, faster healing and better clinical results with the additional use of dental lasers in our practice.


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